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Akshya Thrithiya and Shree Lamps

Reconnect to the Nature this Akshya Thrithiya 

Akshya thrithiya is a day to celebrate abundance of wealth and other assets we possess
and also to buy new ones. It is also to be noted that it is not just what we  buy but what we do  on this day  that comes back to us multi fold.  So don’t just go for the gold rush but go for overall  well being,abundance and prosperity.

As part of the special offer for Akshya thrithiya, Shree Prosperity Lamps offers it's Lakshmi Lamps and Shree Panchabutha lamps with specific designs to invoke Goddess Lakshmi and to worship the Panchabutham  - the five elements of  Nature.

These lamps comes with the special designs “Hirudaya kamala kolams “ used in Indian homes for many generations to attract peace, Prosperity and abundance and wealth and to create  an aura of powerful  positive energy.
Shree  Lamps can be contacted at 09380714784.