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Gifting For Weddings



You would be looking at giving return Gifts for the important guests, your friends, relatives and well-wishers who would be gracing your family wedding.


Which of the following are your reasons for Gifting during Weddings?


  1. It is customary to give thank-you Gifts & hence it will look odd if I do not give.  Those who give blouse-bits or mass produced gift items from the bazaar, fall under this category.


  1. It is an opportunity for me to let know people that I really appreciate their show of love and affection in attending the marriage.


  1. I want my guests to remember the occasion through the Gifts for long.


If your reasons for gifting are the 2nd and 3rd, then you ought to look at Gifts that


v      Are Auspicious to match the occasion,

v      Are useful,

v      Are different from the regular gifting items,

v      Not available in the neighbourhood stores or market

& most importantly

v      Help your Guests remember your family wedding for a long time.



Why Shree Lamps?


ü      It is said that “Marriages are made in Heaven” to indicate that everything about them is auspicious.  Shree Lamps are an ideal fit for this wonderful occasion because they combine the two most auspicious events in our everyday lives viz lamps & kolams.  The lamps are painted in red and green, again very auspicious.


ü      Shree Lamps are aesthetic pieces that are not only decorative but can also be used immediately by just plugging them to the nearest socket.  Shree Lamps offers a variety of wired and non-wired lamps through which you can immediately bring light to their homes.


ü      Shree Lamps are hand-painted and hence are individualistic compared to the mass-produced items that are normally given as Gifts.


ü      Shree Lamps are not available in the retail outlets and hence your gift has that ring of exclusivity around it.


ü      Shree Lamps are designed with powerful and intricate designs that are meant to evoke peace and prosperity in the places where they are lit.  So you are in fact guiding Prosperity to your people by gifting the Products from Shree Lamps.  What better Gift than Peace & Prosperity for your most important people!!


ü      Shree Lamps can be personalized (depending on the size of the order, of course) to suggest the occasion and thus remind them of it for a long time to come


ü      Last but not the least, Shree Lamps offers a variety of items to suit your budget as well as to address the different strata of people in your gifting list.


In short, actively Consider Gifts from Shree Lamps!