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what is in it for me?

                                                  What is Shree Lamp and what benefit I get using it?


The lamps are considered the most auspicious object in the Hindu tradition.  Lamps lit with oil/ghee creates good energy around the place and it symbolizes Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, good health and overall well being.


In the Hindu tradition, people begin their day to day activities with drawing of Kolam and lighting of lamps. The lamps are lit before starting a prayer or before starting any important auspicious event.


The drawing of Kolam is also a very important tradition.  Kolams are drawn in the entrance of the house, in the pooja room or places of worship and also where the lamp is to be placed. Kolams are the symbols to welcome Lakshmi, The goddesss of Wealth and Prosperity.   Kolam is a mathematical type of art with fixed rules that results in intriguing patterns using lines, dots, circles, squares and triangles.  There are special kolams used only in the pooja rooms or places of worship.


The Kolams and Lamps helps in the concentration of good energy at a particular place to bring the benefits of Peace, Prosperity and well being.


Inspite of these benefits the present fast paced, complex life has made the lighting of lamps and drawing of Kolams a difficult ritual and the simple tradition of lighting lamps, drawing kolams are becoming a thing of the past.


 What is Shree Lamp and what is in it for me  as a user?


To revive this tradition and to keep pace with the new and changing environment, 

Shree Prosperity Lamps offers unique product “kolamps” which are the combination of Lamps with kolams and designs. These are specialized earthen lamps, hand made and hand painted.  The  Hirudaya Kamalam Kolam  painted in these lamps are unique design used in the Hindu Household for many generations to  bring Peace, Prosperity,  abundance and wellness to the users.


 The range of products include Shree Panchabutham Lamps, Panchamukha Lamps, Shree Lakshmi Lamps and Shree Ganesha lamps.


Shreee Panchabutha Lamp is used as a miniature representation of Panchabutha Sakthi, the Sakthi or energy filled all over the world, the air, water, space light/agni and earth.

By lighting these Panchabutha Lamps we simultaneously invoke all five energies of nature at one place.


But it is not always easy for everyone to light the lamps in the traditional method with oil/ghee.  So we offer electrical version of these lamps as Panchamukha  Lamps(there will be  5 small bulbs in the place of 5 wicks)  The 5 wicks or panchamuka is supposed to shower akanda Iswaryam or abundance of wealth on the users. In the Lakshmi Lamps

The Lakshmi or a Ganesha  idol is placed in the middle of the  panchamukha lamp. .